Jewish Heritage Year

LOA/Apricot Tree is proud to announce 2020 as Jewish Heritage Year. Unknown Heroes Of The Holocaust: From Far East to Middle East, our inaugural event for the Jewish Heritage Year was a huge success thanks to the incredible support of community members and friends such as yourself. We presented a one of a kind repertoire of Turkish-Sephardic ‘Maftirim’ (Jewish liturgy infused with sufi tradition) including Eloe Tsidki, Hadesh Kekedem Yamenu, Yeme Levavi Biroti. For the world premiere of the maftirim we took the original liturgical songs and adapted them to Western classical tunes.  

We believe the ongoing pandemic the world is even a better reason to keep cross-cultural engagements going. We continue to strive to build bridges between cultures. For the occasion of the LOA/Apricot Tree Jewish Heritage Year we have commissioned composer Hakan Ali Toker to complete the maftirim arrangements for the world premiere of eight additional maftirims including Yishlah Mi Shamayim, Marom Shema and Uri Uri. After the completion of the arrangements we are hoping to record an album.  

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